Moon Graffiti- Takeaways

When listening to Moon Graffiti I was instantly hooked because of my interest in the Space Race period of world history. This project was very well done take on the 1969 moon landing and putting a comedic twist to the event. In this alternate history, the lunar landing is a complete and total failure leaving the astronauts trapped on the moon to their fate while historic yet tragic. The creators were very through with their work going as far as to add President Nixon into the recording. The way the creators most likely accomplished the authentic radio audio by using a voice filter. For the audience, those who are well informed know the true story, but this project is so well done you almost believe that it is real.

Audio Story Telling- How it works.

When one is telling audio or recorded story one must tell it as in conversation. Ira Glass explains audio storytelling as constantly raising questions that you, the storyteller, will answer in the course of your story. Jad Abumrad explains the storytelling over the radio as intimate much like FDR’s fireside chats.

Whenever I have recorded anything audio in the past I imagine the camera and or microphone as another person. When I took a public speaking course I was taught one of the many ways to deal with stress or anxiety of having to look at people in the eye is to scan the entire room. But with the radio its more touch and go or spontaneous.

Color in practice

When I was doing my Photo Blitz! last week I took a really cool photo of one of my Christmas lights that I leave up year-round (I’m not one to leave a tree up year-round). From a bird’s eye view, it almost looks like a bubble of green. It sort of looks like an Aurora Borealis (they have always fascinated me). It almost produces some “trippy” vibes (you know what I mean). I did not intend to use this photo for multiple applications but it worked out this way. The effect that the color has on this simple shot adds to the “trippiness”.

Depth of Field and Minimalism

This photo was taken while I was on a walk following a friendly tennis game with my father. I was walking on an overpass over the route 50 or as the locals know it Arlington Boulevard. As I was walking I was watching the traffic going under and just taking in the day when I thought it might be a cool shot if I took a photo from the viewpoint of one of the gaps in the chain fence. The result is a very cool image, with the road almost looking warped. I like to think of the road almost as ‘a road to eternity’ (well that is at least what was going through my mind at the time). This isn’t either an easy or a difficult shot to capture as one only has to be in the right place and time to capture the moment. There is not much going on in the shot either, which adds to the simplicity and minimalist elements of this photograph.

Design Creation 6- Are We There Yet?

For the “Are We There Yet” assignment I wanted to place myself somewhere out of the ordinary. And given since my resting state is one of that high up in space on the moon I thought of no better alternative. The lunar surface has always been an interest of mine ever since I was a young boy looking up at the night sky. Growing up I also had a passion for history and the Space Race was one of my favorite interests and chapters in the books and school textbooks (they are horrible they barely say anything about the journey to the moon itself, most of my knowledge comes from books, movies, and ‘From Earth to the Moon’ on HBO.
To travel to the lunar surface I first took an initial photo of myself in my rocking chair. I then imported that photo into Snapchat to create a sticker of myself in the chair but outlining myself with the sticker tool in Snapchat. Then I surfed the web to find a suitable lunar surface photo. I then imported my lunar surface photo into Snapchat and placed my sticker on that photo.

Animated GIF 2

This assignment is worth 4*.
For my reaction GIF, I wanted to create something that expressed my approval or appreciation of something in the form of Alexander Ovechkin. In the GIF you see Ovi motioning towards another teammate in a “You da best, You a real one” fashion/manner. Alexander Ovechkin is a man-made to be made into GIFs. We do not deserve Alexander Ovechkin.

To create this GIF I went into GIPHY to find a suitable reaction. I use this GIF quite often in my numerous group chats that I am a part of and I think it sends the message quite well.

Animated GIF 1

This is an animated GIF that I made for my Virtual and Augmented Reality class last semester at UMW. I chose this GIF because this GIF represents the pure joy of completing an assignment. I find so much humor in this as I am able to reuse this GIF for similar purposes brings me great joy as I have another opportunity to share it with the world(another class).

To create this GIF I once again used the ios application iFunny to create the captions in the GIF. You will not find another GIF that sends this unique message because it is the first and only one of its kind.

Summer Week 2 Summary

Design Creations-
Design Creation 1 6/29/2020
Design Creation 2 6/29/2020
Design Creation 3- Sorry Mom Tattoo
Design Creation 4- The Sun also rises
Design Creation 5- I saw ECF Gm.7 2018
Design Creation 6- Are We There Yet?

Daily Creates-
Daily Create 6/27/2020

Vignelli Reading and Reflection-
Vignelli Reading Reflection

Animated GIFs-
Animated GIF 1
Animated GIF 2

Depth of Field and Minimalism
Color in practice

Weekly Reflection-
After clearing this week’s full plate I found that graphic design may not be my best skill. However, I would like to think that my lack of fine graphic design skills adds a humor factor to my creations. Do not get me wrong I enjoyed them but I am more of a photographer than a designer. The most difficult aspect this week was trying to get pickier and creative with my captures. This is just an observation but I preferred last week’s daily creates much more than this week’s. To me last week’s creations seemed more ‘creative’, this week one daily create was the basic what is your favorite superpower question.

Design Creation 5- I saw ECF Gm.7 2018

This assignment is worth 3*.

Since I was unable to be in Tampa Bay for the Capitals win over the Lightning to advance to the 2018 Stanley Cup Final, I put my head on top of another fan. If you look to the right of Ovechkin you will see me. You may be wondering why I looking as goofy as I am, that is because that is a sticker from a helicopter pilot Snapchat filter that was popular when KONG- Skull Island was in theaters. I am in the photo now!

To create this doctored photo I took the sticker of myself and superimposed it onto the head of another male fan in the stands. I would have loved to be there now I am.