Weekly Summary- Week 5

Final Project-
Final Project- The NoVA Amateur Tennis Open

This is the final week in the course and I can defiantly say without a shred of doubt that I am walking away with more knowledge and skills in Digital Storytelling as opposed to when the course began four weeks ago. What at first, seemed like a daunting course turned out to be one of the most enjoyable I have taken to date at or sponsored by the University of Mary Washington. This course challenged me to think outside the box as I have never before.

Weekly Summary 4

Reading Movies-
Reading Movies- In Practice

Look, Listen, Analyze-
Look, Listen, and Analyze- In Practice- The Dark Knight Joker Pencil Trick!

Video Assignments-
Video Assignment 1- Bedroom Boomerang
Video Assignment 2- Longboard Ride (POV)
Video Assignment 3- Dog Days
Video Assignment 4- My First Warzone Dub

Daily Creations-
Daily Create 1-Week 4
Daily Create 2- Week 4
Daily Create 3- Week 4
Daily Create 5- Week 4

Comments Section

Weekly Reflection-
This week was video week and I have had some prior experience with videography and some filmmaking. The hardest part about having an idea and wanting to film it is obviously getting out and filming. I had a couple of ideas that I wanted to put to tape this week; one of them being the use of slow-motion shot in a highlight reel from a day at the tennis courts. This gives me an idea for my final project, I may want to use some slow motion in that as well. This week’s challenges included trying to master the exportation of files from my phone to my email to WordPress. I often found that even reducing the overall length of each project really did not help this matter so I resorted to screen recordings because plain and simple I am not going to let some data limit get in the way of submitting an assignment. Another challenge I ran into was the discovery that a good number of my fellow classmates may not update their websites as often as myself or the few peers that I commented on. I even came across one person who just had their ‘Week 1 Mid-Week Summary’.

Weekly Summary 3

Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad response- Audio Story Telling- How it works.

Moon Grafitti- Moon Graffiti- Takeaways

ScottLo.- Takeaways

Daily Creates-
Daily Create 7/8/2020

Audio Assignments-
Sick Beats Audio Assignment 1
Garage Band DJ Audio Assignment 2
Humming Away Audio Assignment 3
The Daily Quarantine- Audio Assignment 4

Takeaways from this week-
This week’s tasks revolved around audio-based learning assignments. At the onset of the week, the audio factor seemed a little daunting as I do not have a ton of experience in this field. But once I got to actually doing the work I found that while some assignments were quite challenging, the end result was quite rewarding. The assignments I enjoyed the most were those that involved the creation of a tune or beat. My mind has always had an ear for unique tunes and tones ever since I was little and I saw that ‘spark’ so to speak transfer over. I found that the hardest assignment was the ‘Sound Effects’ assignment as I had trouble finding the sounds that I needed and user-friendly software to edit and use them.

Summer Week 2 Summary

Design Creations-
Design Creation 1 6/29/2020
Design Creation 2 6/29/2020
Design Creation 3- Sorry Mom Tattoo
Design Creation 4- The Sun also rises
Design Creation 5- I saw ECF Gm.7 2018
Design Creation 6- Are We There Yet?

Daily Creates-
Daily Create 6/27/2020

Vignelli Reading and Reflection-
Vignelli Reading Reflection

Animated GIFs-
Animated GIF 1
Animated GIF 2

Depth of Field and Minimalism
Color in practice

Weekly Reflection-
After clearing this week’s full plate I found that graphic design may not be my best skill. However, I would like to think that my lack of fine graphic design skills adds a humor factor to my creations. Do not get me wrong I enjoyed them but I am more of a photographer than a designer. The most difficult aspect this week was trying to get pickier and creative with my captures. This is just an observation but I preferred last week’s daily creates much more than this week’s. To me last week’s creations seemed more ‘creative’, this week one daily create was the basic what is your favorite superpower question.

Summer Week 1 Summary

PhotoBlitz and reflection-
Photo Blitz!
Photo Blitz! Reflection Post

Visual Assignments-
Visual Assignment 1 6/22/2020- A Purple District Sunset
Visual Creation 2- I forgot my d*mn wallet!
Visual Creation 3- Shaken Not Stirred
Visual Assignment 4- The Coming Storm
Visual Assignment 5- I finally got taller!

Photography In Practice-
Walking Through the College of Southern MD- St. Mary’s City, MD

Daily Creates-
Daily Creation 6/20/20
The Daily Create 6/22/2020
Daily Create 6/27/2020

Reflection on the work I have done and the things that I have learned-
This first week in Digital Storytelling was an eye-opening experience, from the daily routine of blogging to keeping my eyes open for a picture of something that many would pass by or overlook. I found the visual assignments challenging yet enjoyable. I think that the story I am trying to tell is one of a mental journey to clarity in light of a tumultuous society brewing around this individual. It’s taking a second look at a tree and then noticing the red fox in the background 30 yards behind the tree that on first glance would have gone unnoticed. It’s about appreciating the small things in life for they are few and far between.

Mid-Weekly Summary for Wed. 6/24

Upon completing the mid-week tasks I felt nostalgic revisiting my domain which I had not taken a look at in a few weeks, I have tweaked and edited some posts. I have also replied to some comments which I had not yet addressed yet. I found the first Daily Creation assignment enjoyable and got me thinking outside the box. I think that having someone think about an object that you would bring to the lunar surface was very creative.

1st Daily Creation- http://frankienierman.com/daily-creations/daily-creation-6-20-20/ Summary of 1st Daily Creation- http://frankienierman.com/daily-creations/mid-weekly-summary-for-wed-6-24/ The first impression that I had when I received the initial syllabus was panic due to the chaos that seemed to be ever present at every step of the way. But after taking a look at my blog and setting up the required accounts for this course it seemed less daunting. The first daily creation got my mind working, I decided that if I was going to the moon I would already be provided with the necessary survival items to survive on the lunar surface. So I thought it would be really cool to have the soundtrack of my life with me. I also began to post more onto my blog such as my recent walking pictures. All of which can be viewed on my website through easy navigation. Domain- http://frankienierman.com/ Twitter- @nierman1221