Visual Assignment 5- I finally got taller!

This assignment is worth 2*. This photograph comes from another one of my adventures in the district with my friends. This photograph was taken on accident as we sat down on a nice patch of grass on the National Mall in between Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. So we did what every tourist does when they visit the district, pose with Washington Monument either creating the optical illusion of you holding it or touching the tip.

To capture this photo all that was needed was a skilled camera operator and the right position on the National Mall to capture your desired photo. No unique expensive camera or advanced software required! You just need a skillful eye to recreate this photograph or one of a similar nature.

Visual Assignment 4- The Coming Storm

This assignment is worth 2.5 stars. When walking back home after playing tennis with my father I noticed an ominous cloud descending over the’703′. I was walking over an overpass which was on a hill overlooking the route 50. I thought that the contrast with the light still breaking through the cloud cover was very cool. Although it ultimately did not rain it still made me quicken my pace home to avoid any downpour. I am very fortunate to capture this breathtaking cloud formation.

To capture this scene I set my iPhone to ‘panoramic mode’. I then turned 360 degrees to capture everything around me. That’s the easy part, the hard part is finding a suitable surreal natural occurrence. I did not intend to take this photo, it was one of those things where you are thinking to yourself, “That might make a good photo”.

Visual Creation 3- Shaken Not Stirred

I have always been a fan of secret agent movies. Growing up my father made it his mission to make sure I watched every James Bond movie. I am very grateful for that because it is the knowledge and memories I gained were put to use for this task. When I discovered the Jason Bourne movie franchise I was instantly hooked, Bourne is essentially Bond but he is someone who is trying to right his wrongs instead of using the profession of the secret agent for a career because he was destined for this job in Bond’s case. ‘Casino Royale’ which came out in 2006 had a sequence at the end of the film where Daniel Craig’s James Bond was perched in a sniping position overlooking a villa where the head of the global crime organization resided. In the final moments, the crime lord’s phone rings from a call made from Bond’s phone and he shoots the criminal.

When making this meme I went to the internet and pulled an image of Jason Bourne behind his rifle. The whole idea for this meme works because in ‘Casino Royale’ the audience never actually sees Bond take the shot at the crime lord, only his voice is heard over the phone. By giving the audience the shot they never saw in a sort of deleted scene manner it would provide the viewers with another angle to an iconic ending to a terrific movie. To accomplish the text overlay on the image I uploaded it to Snapchat (I’ve used Snapchat as a very user-friendly IOS “Photoshop” platform). I then typed in my desired quote from the James Bond movie franchise and superimposed it onto a picture of Jason Bourne behind a rifle from the Jason Bourne movie franchise. This assignment is worth three stars (3*).

Visual Creation 2- I forgot my d*mn wallet!

When thinking of a good idea for my spubble I wanted to joke about something that could very easily happen to anyone. So what could be more ironic than going to the pet store to buy food for your dog and right when you get to the checkout lane you realized you have left your wallet at home. This actually happened to me recently but not at the pet store, earlier this week I was sent out by my mother to buy a case of water up the street at the local GIANT and I had to go back home to retrieve my wallet. This assignment is worth 2 stars.

Creating this spubble was very enjoyable and I was able to put my Snapchat skills to good use. First, a friend of mine took a base photo of me, which I then used the scissors tool in Snapchat to create a sticker of myself. While the edges may not quite line up I only think it adds to the originality of the spubble. Once I had an acceptable sticker of myself I looked around online to find a suitable pet store backdrop. Once I found my backdrop the rest of the spubble fell right into place. I was able to use a text box supplied by Snapchat to create my punchline, and VIOLA…here you have a man who went all the way to the store but could not buy anything because he forgot his wallet.

Visual Assignment 1 6/22/2020- A Purple District Sunset

For this visual assignment worth 2.5 stars and entitled ‘Color Changer’, I decided to take an old photo from a DC walk and play around with it. First I played with the brightness, then the exposure (sliding the meter to both ends of the spectrum to see what changed), Then I adjusted the gradient to produce the purple sunset behind the Washington Monument. I had a difficult time attempting to upload my assignment to the data bank like my other classmates but for the love of god I could not figure it out or the links would not work. So I simply attached the assignment itself in a screenshot so that there would be no confusion whatsoever on whether I did the assignment or not.

To find the desired outcome for the photo one just has to simply PLAY around with the editing options to find some really unique results.

The story behind this photo will make you chuckle, after a hard year 2017-18 at UMW I decided it was in my best interest to take the 2018-19 year away from UMW and figure my sh*t out (for lack of a better term), my friends decided to come and visit me one day for the intention of walking around DC to see the sights. I played hookey from work that day and it was totally worth it, and in the end we were given an amazing sunset to an amazing day.