Vignelli Reading Reflection

Massimo Vignelli studied at the PORN (you learn something new every day) University in Milan between 1953-57. He ended up marrying one of his students after teaching her (interesting). In 1965 Massimo and his wife established Unimar International. With the aid of advanced computer technology, Unimar International became one of the leading professional Graphic Design corporations.
Lost yet? Well, this may help, have you ever taken the NYC Subway? Massimo was the man who designed that iconic map. That map of the subway system has influenced other cities public transportation, passenger navigation has never been easier when you are taking public transportation thanks to Massimo Vignelli. This ‘map’ was not meant to be seen as a map as it was intended to make the track routes more easily understandable to passengers. Vignelli also designed the American Airlines logo.
Massimo’s talents were not restricted to large companies such as American Airlines, he also created the Microsoft Word font, ‘Helvetica’. This font has become one of the most used type-faces in the world.