Video Assignment 4- My First Warzone Dub


This assignment is worth two stars.

The most recent video game achievement I am most proud of in my recent 1st overall win in Call of Duty Warzone. Xbox allows players to record the past thirty seconds of anything once they tap the glowing jewel twice on the controller. In this clip, I am using my custom built M4A1 assault rifle that I customized to my specifications in-game. Believe it or not, this was my first ever Battle Royale win of any nature. I can tell you that from when I won I was ecstatic.

Video Assignment 3- Dog Days


This assignment is worth four stars.

As of this week, I have been hired to take care of my neighbor’s dogs and cat while she is away. I decided to start filming a couple of seconds each time I took the small dog, Mitzi, out for her walks. I filmed from a top-down pov perspective of me walking Mitzi. The software that I used was the ios application iMovie, I added some soundtrack to it as well. Again, like the longboarding project, I was unable to export it normally (I think this may be due to the fact that I added a soundtrack to it, but I am not quite sure) so I once again took a screen recording of the final product. I really wish the limit to how much data one could send through an email would be much larger than it currently is (I believe it has to be under 25MB).

Video Assignment 2- Longboard Ride (POV)

This assignment is worth five stars.

For my second Video Assignment, I wanted to show off the cool trails behind my house that I longboard on for exercise. If you watch the movie you will notice that this was uploaded with a screen recording using ios software. This is because for a reason unbeknownst to me the iMovie file would not export (however I was able to export a similar project that was over a minute and a half-length for another project in another one of my other courses… but this time I could not even export a one minute film…sometimes you just love to hate technology ya know?). As I stated in my previous sentence I used the ios application iMovie to create this ‘Point of View’ film. The hardest part was trying to make sure my camera was steady while riding my board. I like using iMovie but when problems like exporting files arise it jsut frustrates me to no end. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy my short film of myself surfing throughout my forest.

Video Assignment 1- Bedroom Boomerang


This assignment is worth 1 star.

For this assignment, I was instructed to take a ‘Boomerang’ of my bedroom. A ‘Boomerang’ is an expression for a form of video media, this media specializes in a short compressed video maybe three seconds long at most, and loops it continuously. I did not need to download the ios Boomerang application like Instagram, the popular photo-sharing ios application has Boomerang built-in.
To film my Boomerang I stood in the center of my room and did two takes. To find the Boomerang tool in Instagram one only needs to go to their avatar as one would add a post to your daily story, instead select the capture medium mode (there are tons to choose from) and film.