Color in practice

When I was doing my Photo Blitz! last week I took a really cool photo of one of my Christmas lights that I leave up year-round (I’m not one to leave a tree up year-round). From a bird’s eye view, it almost looks like a bubble of green. It sort of looks like an Aurora Borealis (they have always fascinated me). It almost produces some “trippy” vibes (you know what I mean). I did not intend to use this photo for multiple applications but it worked out this way. The effect that the color has on this simple shot adds to the “trippiness”.

Depth of Field and Minimalism

This photo was taken while I was on a walk following a friendly tennis game with my father. I was walking on an overpass over the route 50 or as the locals know it Arlington Boulevard. As I was walking I was watching the traffic going under and just taking in the day when I thought it might be a cool shot if I took a photo from the viewpoint of one of the gaps in the chain fence. The result is a very cool image, with the road almost looking warped. I like to think of the road almost as ‘a road to eternity’ (well that is at least what was going through my mind at the time). This isn’t either an easy or a difficult shot to capture as one only has to be in the right place and time to capture the moment. There is not much going on in the shot either, which adds to the simplicity and minimalist elements of this photograph.

Visual Assignment 4- The Coming Storm

This assignment is worth 2.5 stars. When walking back home after playing tennis with my father I noticed an ominous cloud descending over the’703′. I was walking over an overpass which was on a hill overlooking the route 50. I thought that the contrast with the light still breaking through the cloud cover was very cool. Although it ultimately did not rain it still made me quicken my pace home to avoid any downpour. I am very fortunate to capture this breathtaking cloud formation.

To capture this scene I set my iPhone to ‘panoramic mode’. I then turned 360 degrees to capture everything around me. That’s the easy part, the hard part is finding a suitable surreal natural occurrence. I did not intend to take this photo, it was one of those things where you are thinking to yourself, “That might make a good photo”.

Walking Through the College of Southern MD- St. Mary’s City, MD

A collection of photos from my weekend walk with my folks around the College of Southern Maryland. The turtle in this gallery looks to be either a Box Turtle or a Maryland Terrapin (My folks say it’s a Box, I say it’s a Terrapin because of the spots). The photograph with a mast in the foreground and the dusk sky in the background was taken at the college’s boathouse on the St. Mary’s River. There is always something about a dock at sunset or dusk that reaches down into my inner soul. The photograph that looks to be situated on a bluff of land overlooking a very old wooden cross at the bluff’s point is a very mystical place when you get to where the cross is located you are well within the natural wind tunnels of the lake and can almost feel its elemental energy coursing through you.