Design Creation 6- Are We There Yet?

For the “Are We There Yet” assignment I wanted to place myself somewhere out of the ordinary. And given since my resting state is one of that high up in space on the moon I thought of no better alternative. The lunar surface has always been an interest of mine ever since I was a young boy looking up at the night sky. Growing up I also had a passion for history and the Space Race was one of my favorite interests and chapters in the books and school textbooks (they are horrible they barely say anything about the journey to the moon itself, most of my knowledge comes from books, movies, and ‘From Earth to the Moon’ on HBO.
To travel to the lunar surface I first took an initial photo of myself in my rocking chair. I then imported that photo into Snapchat to create a sticker of myself in the chair but outlining myself with the sticker tool in Snapchat. Then I surfed the web to find a suitable lunar surface photo. I then imported my lunar surface photo into Snapchat and placed my sticker on that photo.

Animated GIF 2

This assignment is worth 4*.
For my reaction GIF, I wanted to create something that expressed my approval or appreciation of something in the form of Alexander Ovechkin. In the GIF you see Ovi motioning towards another teammate in a “You da best, You a real one” fashion/manner. Alexander Ovechkin is a man-made to be made into GIFs. We do not deserve Alexander Ovechkin.

To create this GIF I went into GIPHY to find a suitable reaction. I use this GIF quite often in my numerous group chats that I am a part of and I think it sends the message quite well.

Design Creation 5- I saw ECF Gm.7 2018

This assignment is worth 3*.

Since I was unable to be in Tampa Bay for the Capitals win over the Lightning to advance to the 2018 Stanley Cup Final, I put my head on top of another fan. If you look to the right of Ovechkin you will see me. You may be wondering why I looking as goofy as I am, that is because that is a sticker from a helicopter pilot Snapchat filter that was popular when KONG- Skull Island was in theaters. I am in the photo now!

To create this doctored photo I took the sticker of myself and superimposed it onto the head of another male fan in the stands. I would have loved to be there now I am.

Design Creation 4- The Sun also rises

This assignment is worth 3*.
For my motivational poster, I wanted to put to image thought that I always have in the back of my mind. The sun rising every day represents a new day beginning. Yesterday was the past, today is the present, do not think too much about the future as it has not yet arrived.

To create this poster I got the image from a very good friend who was recently at the beach and watched the sunrise. I then imported the image into snap chat and typed out my desired message.

Design Creation 3- Sorry Mom Tattoo

This assignment is worth 2.5*s.
If I were to ever get a tattoo it would be some variation of Washington Capitals secondary logo, the “Weagle”. The Capitals have always held a special place in my heart ever since I became a fan in 2014. Some may call me crazy to get a tattoo of a sports team, my response would be they hold a special place in my heart so I would want to express that.

To create this tattoo I took a blank black screen picture on Snapchat and then did my best attempt to redraw the “Weagle”. Moral of the story, if you are going to get a tattoo do not ask me.

Design Creation 2 6/29/2020

This assignment is worth 2.5*. When thinking of the best sports moment of the past year it would be hard to not pick a play from Washington Capitals. The GIF I created through iFunny shows Washington Capital #13 Jakub Vrana scoring a goal in a shootout against Boston Bruins goalie #41 Jaroslav Halak. Vrana does a beautiful toe-drag to a top-shelf snipe which sent the crowd into a frenzy. Watch this clip numerous times and it will still make your jaw drop.
When creating this GIF I went to youtube and pulled the clip from a NBC video. I then imported the clip into iFunny and viola! We have our amazing GIF.

***Note****Given the restrictions of WordPress and iFunny simply cut and paste into browser to view

Design Creation 1 6/29/2020

This assignment is worth 3*. For the challenge to create a logo I was taken back to when I used to play Metal Gear Solid V- The Phantom Pain on the Xbox 360. One feature in the game allows you to set up your own personal mercenary base in the middle of the ocean and send your operatives out on missions to collect income, resources, and more recruits. The design I chose was a base shield shape with a white Pheonix (the phoenix is a part of my family’s crest) so naturally, I slapped the bird on my logo. In addition to this, I added two letters ‘F’ and ‘U’. You need not only use your imagination to determine what this means lol.
This logo actually turned out to be quite the popular one (base) to target in the online world, and I even got a few messages from the online players that matched up against my base reach out and tell me how humorous it was going through my base and seeing the logo on almost every wall. It is simple yet it got the message across. Although it didn’t really have the desired result to deter potential raiders it did provide for a funny experience when they did raid my base.
This feature in Metal Gear Solid where the player can design their own logo for the Mother Base is one that I love to play around for hours with when a game has a ‘design your own logo feature’. I know it is a relatively old game at this point but if you love stealth and action games you should definitely download Metal Gear Solid V- The Phantom Pain.