Mid-Weekly Summary for Wed. 6/24

Upon completing the mid-week tasks I felt nostalgic revisiting my domain which I had not taken a look at in a few weeks, I have tweaked and edited some posts. I have also replied to some comments which I had not yet addressed yet. I found the first Daily Creation assignment enjoyable and got me thinking outside the box. I think that having someone think about an object that you would bring to the lunar surface was very creative.

1st Daily Creation- http://frankienierman.com/daily-creations/daily-creation-6-20-20/ Summary of 1st Daily Creation- http://frankienierman.com/daily-creations/mid-weekly-summary-for-wed-6-24/ The first impression that I had when I received the initial syllabus was panic due to the chaos that seemed to be ever present at every step of the way. But after taking a look at my blog and setting up the required accounts for this course it seemed less daunting. The first daily creation got my mind working, I decided that if I was going to the moon I would already be provided with the necessary survival items to survive on the lunar surface. So I thought it would be really cool to have the soundtrack of my life with me. I also began to post more onto my blog such as my recent walking pictures. All of which can be viewed on my website through easy navigation. Domain- http://frankienierman.com/ Twitter- @nierman1221