The Daily Quarantine- Audio Assignment 4


This assignment is worth four stars.

For this task, I wanted to recreate the daily life of Frank a man under quarantine during the pandemic. I wanted to include some sounds like the newspaper being delivered and the dogs barking as well as sounds of working from home. The software that I used for this was the ios app iMovie. Once you go to edit your film you have the option to input a limited yet unique soundboard at your disposal. To insert and arrange sounds is very easy as you can tap and shift where you want the sound exactly to be placed. In addition to that, you can also extend or minimize the duration of the specific sound that you want. As a base layer, I recorded twenty seconds of dead silence to act as a background base layer before I inserted the sounds off the soundboard.

Humming Away Audio Assignment 3

This assignment is worth two stars.

Whenever I find myself humming it is often to a childhood favorite eight-bit tune. You guessed it, it’s the Pokemon Center. The catchy tune has been one of the oldest if not the oldest most commonly recognizable Pokemon tune. Nor, has it been altered in later installments of the series. From Red and Green to Sword and Shield the eight-bit tune has remained a constant classic mainstay and is here to stay.
For the creation of this tune, I used the GarageBand ios software. The software comes with its free microphone to record audio on. The software to the core is very user friendly and offers a wide variety of mobile recording methods one can experiment with.

Sick Beats Audio Assignment 1

This assignment is worth 3 stars but should be worth 4.

The software I wanted to work with and what was created was on GarageBand. This audio file is a finished project for another audio assignment but in the process of doing this assignment, the second audio assignment is a direct result of this. I wanted to create something that sounded a little ominous or mysterious. What resulted is what I refer to as a ‘Tribal Beat’. The drums send you to a remote island off the coast of Hawaii. The later claps that I added were completely on accident and led to the creation of the entire track. This assignment is pretty cool in the fact that it led to a completely unforeseen result and gives me more confidence in my natural creativity.

Garage Band DJ Audio Assignment 2

This assignment is worth four and a half stars.

The initial beat that I created for the Sick Beats assignment with the drums was inspired by a secretive mysterious tribal influence type of deal. I then wanted to put a twist on it with the opening beat to a Naruto OST from season one of the show. Then I tweaked with it and it began to sound like a notification alert tone like one someone would find on the IOS store. To create the beat I used GarageBand on my iPad, I was also able to add some instrument layers on top of the beat itself. What resulted is a culmination of an initial thought process that devolved into a large amount of simply playing around with the software.

Moon Graffiti- Takeaways

When listening to Moon Graffiti I was instantly hooked because of my interest in the Space Race period of world history. This project was very well done take on the 1969 moon landing and putting a comedic twist to the event. In this alternate history, the lunar landing is a complete and total failure leaving the astronauts trapped on the moon to their fate while historic yet tragic. The creators were very through with their work going as far as to add President Nixon into the recording. The way the creators most likely accomplished the authentic radio audio by using a voice filter. For the audience, those who are well informed know the true story, but this project is so well done you almost believe that it is real.

Audio Story Telling- How it works.

When one is telling audio or recorded story one must tell it as in conversation. Ira Glass explains audio storytelling as constantly raising questions that you, the storyteller, will answer in the course of your story. Jad Abumrad explains the storytelling over the radio as intimate much like FDR’s fireside chats.

Whenever I have recorded anything audio in the past I imagine the camera and or microphone as another person. When I took a public speaking course I was taught one of the many ways to deal with stress or anxiety of having to look at people in the eye is to scan the entire room. But with the radio its more touch and go or spontaneous.