Video Assignment 2- Longboard Ride (POV)

17 Jul 2020 admin

This assignment is worth five stars.

For my second Video Assignment, I wanted to show off the cool trails behind my house that I longboard on for exercise. If you watch the movie you will notice that this was uploaded with a screen recording using ios software. This is because for a reason unbeknownst to me the iMovie file would not export (however I was able to export a similar project that was over a minute and a half-length for another project in another one of my other courses… but this time I could not even export a one minute film…sometimes you just love to hate technology ya know?). As I stated in my previous sentence I used the ios application iMovie to create this ‘Point of View’ film. The hardest part was trying to make sure my camera was steady while riding my board. I like using iMovie but when problems like exporting files arise it jsut frustrates me to no end. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy my short film of myself surfing throughout my forest.

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