Sick Beats Audio Assignment 1

8 Jul 2020 admin

This assignment is worth 3 stars but should be worth 4.

The software I wanted to work with and what was created was on GarageBand. This audio file is a finished project for another audio assignment but in the process of doing this assignment, the second audio assignment is a direct result of this. I wanted to create something that sounded a little ominous or mysterious. What resulted is what I refer to as a ‘Tribal Beat’. The drums send you to a remote island off the coast of Hawaii. The later claps that I added were completely on accident and led to the creation of the entire track. This assignment is pretty cool in the fact that it led to a completely unforeseen result and gives me more confidence in my natural creativity.

4 thoughts on “Sick Beats Audio Assignment 1

  1. Maryanne DSouza

    Hey Frankie, great job on the audio clip! I really like the beat you came up with. I especially liked how the claps play into the beat of the audio, and I agree that sometimes accidents can lead to really cool creations!

    1. admin

      Accidents are the best creations as the work is being done without even thinking about it, almost second-nature or “doing it in your sleep”.

  2. Casey

    Hi! I really like this beat! I’m not really familiar with GarageBand, but it looks like there are three beats that you put together to create one, and I could only make out two. It would be cool if you could post the beats separately along with the finished product so I could better hear and tell how they go together. I really like the vibe though!

    1. admin

      Thank you for your comment, I will try and splice the individual beats once I finish this week’s plate. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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