Reading Movies- In Practice

13 Jul 2020 admin

When dissecting movies there are many ways one could go about ‘dissecting a movie’. For this week we were assigned to watch three short clips about different directors and their filmmaking. The first clip that I watched was ‘Kubrick// One-Point Perspective’, this one minute clip began with a diagram of Kubrick’s ‘one-point perspective’ superimposed on clips from his films that he has directed. A few I have personally seen, and a few I have not. The quick shots that really caught my eye were the barracks scenes from “Full Metal Jacket” where PVT. Pyle is standing in the center with the camera a little below waist height. Fast forward to the next shot and it is from “The Shining” depicting Jack Nicholson’s character walking down the hallway with his ax.
Acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino loves to film scenes and shoot his establishing shots from a below looking up fashion/manner. This makes for a very good quality film, I myself if I ever became a Hollywood director I would probably mimic Tarantino’s style not entirely but put my own spin on it of course. To be honest I do not know what it is about Tarantino’s directing style that intrigues me so much but he’s one of my all-time favorites without a doubt.
Alfred Hitchcock describes filmmaking as almost ‘magic’. You can change a scene entirely with the addition or elimination of certain shots to convey another story or message. Alfred used the example of switching out the mother and baby characters with a woman in a bikini while still keeping the same establishing shot of him as the male character looking on.

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