Final Project- The NoVA Amateur Tennis Open

22 Jul 2020 admin

For this final project, a good amount of preparation was required as a lot of factors contributed to filming. First, I needed a day nice weather so that I got the footage that I needed. Second, there were many takes and outtakes required to get the specific shots that I wanted to be in the finished product. My initial vision was to re-create a tennis match from an anime series called “The Prince of Tennis”. Once again I used iMovie to edit the film. Now granted I nor my fellow players could pull off any of the crazy shots that are portrayed in the show, so I had to improvise. At the 45 second mark for the ‘charged power shot,’ I used slow-motion along with a color gradient change to denote visually that this specific shot is to be set apart from the rest. The background music I pulled from Youtube to add to the authenticity of the film as in the Prince of Tennis, upbeat music such as this is constantly playing in the background. The sound bites were found on Freesound, the iPhone’s microphone is nowhere near powerful enough to get those crisp ‘shot claps’ that you hear every time a racquet makes contact with the ball. Freesound was also used for the ‘charged power shot’ and I just added the sound file over that take. I also wanted to include some inner monologuing to further add to the authenticity, this was accomplished by using Garageband’s voice recorder and then exporting that file onto the specified take (when I spin my racquet it wasn’t just for show, it was to act as a place marker in the editing process to where I wanted the inner monologue to be placed). The style by which this film is shot is meant to pay tribute to the style of anime that the Prince of Tennis is known for. The final shot of me serving and the camera emphasizing the location of where the ball lands on the court is an example of this style (See below photo for reference).

While it was a tedious challenge to make sure all the sound bites were queued up to the millisecond, the final product is one that I am very proud of. The most challenging aspects of this project were entirely in the editing process, I went ahead and filmed not knowing if the required sound bites that I needed actually existed. In fact, there is not ‘tennis ball hitting net’ sound, I instead used ‘basketball going into hoop’. Improvisation proved to be a strength of mine coming out of this project.

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