Weekly Summary 4

Reading Movies-
Reading Movies- In Practice

Look, Listen, Analyze-
Look, Listen, and Analyze- In Practice- The Dark Knight Joker Pencil Trick!

Video Assignments-
Video Assignment 1- Bedroom Boomerang
Video Assignment 2- Longboard Ride (POV)
Video Assignment 3- Dog Days
Video Assignment 4- My First Warzone Dub

Daily Creations-
Daily Create 1-Week 4
Daily Create 2- Week 4
Daily Create 3- Week 4
Daily Create 5- Week 4

Comments Section

Weekly Reflection-
This week was video week and I have had some prior experience with videography and some filmmaking. The hardest part about having an idea and wanting to film it is obviously getting out and filming. I had a couple of ideas that I wanted to put to tape this week; one of them being the use of slow-motion shot in a highlight reel from a day at the tennis courts. This gives me an idea for my final project, I may want to use some slow motion in that as well. This week’s challenges included trying to master the exportation of files from my phone to my email to WordPress. I often found that even reducing the overall length of each project really did not help this matter so I resorted to screen recordings because plain and simple I am not going to let some data limit get in the way of submitting an assignment. Another challenge I ran into was the discovery that a good number of my fellow classmates may not update their websites as often as myself or the few peers that I commented on. I even came across one person who just had their ‘Week 1 Mid-Week Summary’.