Weekly Summary- Week 5

Final Project-
Final Project- The NoVA Amateur Tennis Open

This is the final week in the course and I can defiantly say without a shred of doubt that I am walking away with more knowledge and skills in Digital Storytelling as opposed to when the course began four weeks ago. What at first, seemed like a daunting course turned out to be one of the most enjoyable I have taken to date at or sponsored by the University of Mary Washington. This course challenged me to think outside the box as I have never before.

Final Project- The NoVA Amateur Tennis Open

For this final project, a good amount of preparation was required as a lot of factors contributed to filming. First, I needed a day nice weather so that I got the footage that I needed. Second, there were many takes and outtakes required to get the specific shots that I wanted to be in the finished product. My initial vision was to re-create a tennis match from an anime series called “The Prince of Tennis”. Once again I used iMovie to edit the film. Now granted I nor my fellow players could pull off any of the crazy shots that are portrayed in the show, so I had to improvise. At the 45 second mark for the ‘charged power shot,’ I used slow-motion along with a color gradient change to denote visually that this specific shot is to be set apart from the rest. The background music I pulled from Youtube to add to the authenticity of the film as in the Prince of Tennis, upbeat music such as this is constantly playing in the background. The sound bites were found on Freesound, the iPhone’s microphone is nowhere near powerful enough to get those crisp ‘shot claps’ that you hear every time a racquet makes contact with the ball. Freesound was also used for the ‘charged power shot’ and I just added the sound file over that take. I also wanted to include some inner monologuing to further add to the authenticity, this was accomplished by using Garageband’s voice recorder and then exporting that file onto the specified take (when I spin my racquet it wasn’t just for show, it was to act as a place marker in the editing process to where I wanted the inner monologue to be placed). The style by which this film is shot is meant to pay tribute to the style of anime that the Prince of Tennis is known for. The final shot of me serving and the camera emphasizing the location of where the ball lands on the court is an example of this style (See below photo for reference).

While it was a tedious challenge to make sure all the sound bites were queued up to the millisecond, the final product is one that I am very proud of. The most challenging aspects of this project were entirely in the editing process, I went ahead and filmed not knowing if the required sound bites that I needed actually existed. In fact, there is not ‘tennis ball hitting net’ sound, I instead used ‘basketball going into hoop’. Improvisation proved to be a strength of mine coming out of this project.

Video Assignment 4- My First Warzone Dub


This assignment is worth two stars.

The most recent video game achievement I am most proud of in my recent 1st overall win in Call of Duty Warzone. Xbox allows players to record the past thirty seconds of anything once they tap the glowing jewel twice on the controller. In this clip, I am using my custom built M4A1 assault rifle that I customized to my specifications in-game. Believe it or not, this was my first ever Battle Royale win of any nature. I can tell you that from when I won I was ecstatic.

Video Assignment 3- Dog Days


This assignment is worth four stars.

As of this week, I have been hired to take care of my neighbor’s dogs and cat while she is away. I decided to start filming a couple of seconds each time I took the small dog, Mitzi, out for her walks. I filmed from a top-down pov perspective of me walking Mitzi. The software that I used was the ios application iMovie, I added some soundtrack to it as well. Again, like the longboarding project, I was unable to export it normally (I think this may be due to the fact that I added a soundtrack to it, but I am not quite sure) so I once again took a screen recording of the final product. I really wish the limit to how much data one could send through an email would be much larger than it currently is (I believe it has to be under 25MB).

Video Assignment 2- Longboard Ride (POV)

This assignment is worth five stars.

For my second Video Assignment, I wanted to show off the cool trails behind my house that I longboard on for exercise. If you watch the movie you will notice that this was uploaded with a screen recording using ios software. This is because for a reason unbeknownst to me the iMovie file would not export (however I was able to export a similar project that was over a minute and a half-length for another project in another one of my other courses… but this time I could not even export a one minute film…sometimes you just love to hate technology ya know?). As I stated in my previous sentence I used the ios application iMovie to create this ‘Point of View’ film. The hardest part was trying to make sure my camera was steady while riding my board. I like using iMovie but when problems like exporting files arise it jsut frustrates me to no end. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy my short film of myself surfing throughout my forest.

Weekly Summary 4

Reading Movies-
Reading Movies- In Practice

Look, Listen, Analyze-
Look, Listen, and Analyze- In Practice- The Dark Knight Joker Pencil Trick!

Video Assignments-
Video Assignment 1- Bedroom Boomerang
Video Assignment 2- Longboard Ride (POV)
Video Assignment 3- Dog Days
Video Assignment 4- My First Warzone Dub

Daily Creations-
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Weekly Reflection-
This week was video week and I have had some prior experience with videography and some filmmaking. The hardest part about having an idea and wanting to film it is obviously getting out and filming. I had a couple of ideas that I wanted to put to tape this week; one of them being the use of slow-motion shot in a highlight reel from a day at the tennis courts. This gives me an idea for my final project, I may want to use some slow motion in that as well. This week’s challenges included trying to master the exportation of files from my phone to my email to WordPress. I often found that even reducing the overall length of each project really did not help this matter so I resorted to screen recordings because plain and simple I am not going to let some data limit get in the way of submitting an assignment. Another challenge I ran into was the discovery that a good number of my fellow classmates may not update their websites as often as myself or the few peers that I commented on. I even came across one person who just had their ‘Week 1 Mid-Week Summary’.